A Global Standard School

Premier International School is a Global standard school such that it provides a quality education that will prepare our students to function in a global society. Our dedicated and well-trained teaching staff is committed to helping our students reach their academic and social potential by modeling and fostering lifelong learning. Our lessons and programs are developed upon the theory that young children learn best when actively involved in the learning process. This is accomplished through a challenging curriculum that is aligned with the Nepali Curriculum Standards incongruence with the American and the British Curriculum Standards. We make sure that the world's major educational standards are juxtaposed and the best is imparted upon our children so that they do not miss out on the needed education in comparison to other children around the world that are of the same age and grade. Cooperative learning and differentiated instructional strategies help to extend the curriculum and engage the students in exciting and meaningful ways. In addition to a rigorous academic program, the Premier staff is committed to developing the whole-child to become responsible global citizens.

We incorporate into the educational curriculum and educational experience of each student an understanding about culture and cultural perspectives around the world, recognizing and respecting the diversity around us, and being able to work through the differences. This cross-cultural awareness and international perspective will equip our children with skills to work together in an international marketplace and to gain a worldview of universal understanding to be able to relate and function effectively within various groups in the global society.