Reporting System
The school conducts terminal assessments thrice a year. A written report is given at the Parent-Teacher Conference of first and the third terminal assessment, where as a student led conference (SLC) takes place after the second terminal examination.
The students are assessed throughout the term in the following five categories:

  1. attendance- 5%
  2. homework-10%
  3. class work/ class participation- 10%
  4. project work/ portfolio- 15%
  5. oral exam- 10%.

The marks in the preceding categories are then added with the marks obtained in the terminal exams.

Honor Roll:
Premier International School recognizes the effort and academic achievement of the students. Student obtaining a final average of an A or an A+, with no Fs, in any terminal examination are enlisted in the school’s Honor Roll. This is the highest degree of academic achievement a student can attain.